We Are

Renovatio PDO

We Are

Renovatio PDO




Made of bio-absorbable polydioxanone suture, this monofilament thread densely coiled all around the needle length is specifically designed and developed to perform mesh structure in the neck, face, and body.


Hybrid PDO Threads combine both Twistr and Harpoon benefits and characteristics into a single thread. This unique design of our hybrid allows for very specific usages and applications - and each thread type is created for a single purpose.



The well-known Harpoon combined with our unique technology makes a perfect combination to bring the best results out of its every use. Each thread is indicated to treat different areas, thus making the Harpoon line a highly competitive product.

Why Renovatio

  • Committed to providing superior quality products.
  • Optimal inventory rotation through the production of threads in small batches.
  • Climate-controlled shipping to protect against heat exposure.
  • Continuous scientific innovation to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-focused approach to guarantee an exceptional experience.
  • Dedicated to customer feedback to continually improve our product offerings.

About Us

Beauty you can feel

With over 30 years of aesthetic experience in the US market, we have been able to combine the best practices we’ve learned to create this new brand.

While Renovatio may be a new name, it is backed by a seasoned team that has spent years evolving to combine our expertise to create the Renovatio experience.

Renovatio was created out of the need to mark our own path in life. Renovatio is about empowering others to feel beautiful, and to find the peace and joy in life from the inside out. About forming and nurturing teams that share our core values. Teams that can, together, go above and beyond the standard.


We want to bring order to the chaotic world of PDO threads in the US, in both our products and techniques. Our goal is to become the reference for high-quality standards in our industry, providing the best final product to clients while guaranteeing a satisfactory result to their patients.

We not only seek to differentiate ourselves by our PDO Threads, but also by being a human-centered company that offers both clients and patients an exceptional experience from the beginning of the production chain.


  • Reliability
  • Science driven innovation
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Playfulness
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-love